An innovative global sourcing company, Credo USA is a leading provider for the importation and distribution of material testing equipment, laboratory equipment, and polymeric material equipment. We deliver customer-valued service, innovative technology, and unparalleled dedication to the provision of advanced solutions that meet the needs of our clientele.

Our extensive selection of screening tools for use with material formulation and development has the following characteristics:

  • Internationally represented and recognized
  • Highest quality
  • Advanced solutions
  • Reputable, certified suppliers
  • Manufactured in accordance with international standards


Our strategically located distributing centers in the United States, the Republic of Armenia, and the Republic of Kazakhstan provide materials and equipment to all cities across the globe. Currently, our hot spots are South America and Eastern Europe. Our distributing centers are supported by regional offices in Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Nevada (USA) that handle product sales, service requests, and all-inclusive application and technical support.


Our experienced staff has the knowledge and skills needed to assist your business in its successful growth and expansion through the provision of quality materials and equipment designed to deliver consistently accurate and reliable testing.


Access to a large and diversified selection of environmental instrumentation and construction materials testing equipment enables us to provide speedy delivery, enabling your company to get down to the business at hand as swiftly as possible. Our alignment with several globally recognized companies enriches our ability to deliver what you need to design and manufacture the highest quality materials.


Offering the best quality-to-price value in our products since 2012, our company strives to become your preferred partner for the sourcing of testing equipment for materials in diverse application areas. Keeping up with innovative changes within the field, Credo USA is able to provide necessary tools and equipment to assist your company with the challenges of formulation development. Credo USA has the tools and equipment needed to test cement, concrete, steel, rocks, asphalt, mortar, aggregates, plastics, bitumen, and soil.

We welcome the opportunity to serve and support you through our extensive supply of construction materials testing equipment and environmental instrumentation. Please contact us for more information.

Services: Calibration

Establishing a construction materials testing facility is a necessity for businesses operating within this industry. It is also a huge investment in financial resources, personnel, and time. As a result, follow-up service becomes a necessity that can be employed to safeguard the economic value of the testing equipment and devices within your facility. It is a proactive measure that protects your operational output.

Ensuring the proper calibration of your load measuring devices, concrete testing machines, pressure transducers, and displacement transducers is important for your business. Cost-savings are also realized as a result of having your testing equipment and devices properly calibrated.

Calibration Service Technicians

Trained and certified service engineers are available to complete the calibration of the equipment located in your laboratory. Service technicians can be assigned to arrive at a single address, or they can be sent out to multiple locations, depending upon the circumstances of your business. The service engineers arriving at your location make use of specific calibration schemes, in keeping with nationally recognized standards. They provide all businesses with quality calibration services and measurements that lead to consistent, and in some cases, enhanced performance.

Polymer Equipment Commonly Serviced

Calibration services are available for, but not limited to, Uniaxial Testing Machines, Marshall and CBR frames, Traxial frames, Tensile splitting frames, and pullout & plate bearing test equipment. Such services are available to explore the accuracy of tensile and hardness testing.

Your service check can involve the following types of equipment: temperature controllers, melt flow indexes, surface plates, film lines, dynamic testers, static testers, molders, furnaces, ovens, presses, extrusiometers, hardness testers, optical comparators, rheometers, balances, scales, and other types of specialized testing equipment and instruments commonly applied during the formulation development and processing of polymeric materials.

Quality Service for Product Reliability

Our calibration services are designed to confirm that your equipment is providing accurate and reliable output. Product reliability should not be assumed at any time, but rather, it should be checked and its accuracy guaranteed. If you are in need of professional support for technical or calibration services, please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

Services: Product Sourcing, Installation, and Support

Credo USA is a one-stop source and leading provider for all of your testing equipment, devices, and supplies. Our high level of experience and expertise allows us to assist you in selecting and obtaining the right products and/or components for your business needs. We continuously add new products as technological advancements development in polymeric materials testing equipment and components.

Product Sourcing

As an innovative global sourcing company, we simplify your purchasing process, supplying all manner of industry-related polymeric materials testing products and laboratory equipment. Providing an exceptional quality-to-price ratio, our company offers an extensive selection of top-of-the-line products, including standard and advanced-level testing equipment. Credo USA provides time-proven, user-friendly systems offering modern functionality and time-saving advancements.

All equipment and testing devices meet international standards and are obtained from leading, well-known providers and brands. In-stock items are shipped quickly, arriving at your chosen destination without delay. Our distributors are located in the USA, Republic of Armenia, and Republic of Kazakhstan. We offer individual and wholesale purchase sales, tailoring our supply to your company’s needs.

Installation Services

Operating a laboratory is serious business and requires proper installation of all equipment in order to ensure correct performance for all of your materials testing systems. Credo USA provides an all-inclusive installation service provided by experienced and trained engineers for all of your equipment. Each engineer has an extensive background that includes training in the application of products and their testing capabilities. As a result, they are qualified to install a full-scale laboratory or to assist in setting up a mobile laboratory environment.

Process Support

Our highly trained and skillful engineers can assist each customer with application or processing support for any of the testing instruments, equipment, and devices that we provide. Their unique experience within the micro polymer shaping and processing industry enables them to work proficiently in order to get your equipment back up and running smoothly and efficiently.

If you would like to speak with us about your product sourcing requirements, testing equipment installation needs, and/or qualified technical assistance, please contact us during normal business hours.

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